Where startups connect with corporate innovators to collaborate

The Delta ecosystem platform brings together communities to innovate to drive sustainable growth, and act on the delta - the space between where we are now and where we need to be in order to achieve Net Zero.  This is where startups built in Asia find global partners to scale.

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padang ecosystem


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padang ecosystem


padang ecosystem


Why Join

Shared purpose

The Delta is committed to empowering companies, big and small, to take action.  We leverage the strengths of startups and corporate innovators and serving as a bridge between the two. Together, we can create a more sustainable future. 

Dynamic ecosystem

Whether you are a startup seeking a corporate partner, or a corporation looking for innovative solutions, come explore, connect, and be a part of the solution.  The Delta provides the resources, tools, and support needed to co-create the solutions that have a meaningful impact.

Investible, scalable innovation

Startups driving sustainable growth need funding for their own growth.  Investors are part of the Delta ecosystem and can not just connect with high-potential startups but also access more in-depth information on them. 

What We Provide 

Thematic Communities

Our communities built through years of startup scouting and corporate innovation work, in specific areas of interest marked by high growth and impact through innovation

Business Opportunities

A curated pipeline of opportunities including innovation challenges and live briefs for startups to apply to and connect to businesses with a specific need for a solution

Resources to Get You Started

A suite of tools to help entrepreneurs, startups and corporate innovators alike articulate problems and opportunities, and explore partnerships 

Connections that Matter

VCs, Corporate VCs and ecosystem influencers who are looking to share their knowledge, build new relationships, and of course, find investment opportunities

Why Us

The Delta is powered by Padang & Co.  A pioneer in Open Innovation for a decade now, we enable globally-connected corporations and organisations to collaborate with innovative, agile companies, to address Asia's challenges today and opportunities of tomorrow.

Know More, Share More

We will be adding more resources over time to help drive opportunities and inform your decision making to accelerate your sustainable growth agenda.  Let us know if there is a particular type of data or resource you would like to see.  In the meantime, please share The Delta with your colleagues and industry friends.